What Style Of RV Is Right For Me?

Choosing an RV can be a daunting task. How do you know which one is right for you?

You don’t want to pick one that’s too big for what you need, or you’ll waste money.

And you don’t want one that’s so small you’re tripping over your family, either. It needs to be just right.

If you’re struggling to choose which RV is right for you, read on for some guidance.


There are three different types of motorhomes: Class A, Class B, and Class C.

Class A motorhomes are, simply put, huge.

They’re similar to a large bus in maneuverability and size, and they provide ample living space.

Many new Class A motorhomes come with all of the modern luxuries you could want, from full-size showers and bathrooms to built-in fireplaces and home entertainment centers.

You get what you pay for, however– these motorhomes are the most expensive option out there.

And they can be cumbersome to drive on certain roads, so you may find yourself unable to visit some areas. Still, the size of these motorhomes makes them great if you are a full-time traveler.

Class B motorhomes are the smallest option.

These motorhomes are similar in size and handling to a full-size conversion van, so this is a perfect option for anyone who is leary of operating a bulky motorhome.

Class B motorhomes are best suited for small families, as living space is limited. Some do still come with showers and bathrooms, however.

Class C motorhomes are the midsize version.

They are essentially a smaller version of a Class A motorhome and typically come with the same amenities.

Because of their size and price, Class C motorhomes are often ideal for families and more casual travelers.

Fifth Wheel

A fifth wheel is a large, towable travel trailer.

Think of them as a mix between a Class A motorhome and a camper– they are large enough to have many modern amenities and decent sized living quarters, but small enough to still be towable by a large pick-up truck.

Fifth wheels are ideal if you already have a vehicle capable of towing one, and are looking for lots of living space.


Campers are smaller towable travel trailers.

They can be towed by many pick-up trucks and SUV’s, making them an accessible option for many travelers.

Campers are more affordable than fifth wheels, and can still come with many modern amenities.

Camper Trailer

Camper trailers come in a couple different variations. Some offer pop-up living quarters.

Others simply offer storage space and the option of a rooftop tent.

Either way, camper trailers are often towable by an SUV or pick-up truck and are cheaper than a standard camper.

They also typically do not come with many luxuries, although some models include an outdoor shower.

These trailers tend to be more rugged and may be well suited for groups or families looking to have adventures that involve rougher roads.

Truck Bed Camper

Truck bed campers fit easily on the bed of your pick-up truck.

The size of the pick-up truck required depends on the size of truck bed camper, but there is an option for most sized trucks.

These campers may come with some luxuries such as bathrooms and showers, as well as small kitchenettes. They are available in a variety of prices, as well, so there may be an option for your budget.

Wrap Up

An RV is a major purchase. Knowing a little about the different types can help you choose which one is right for you.